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Why use AI Aware’s Code Checker?

Code Checker uses a proprietary and unique approach to AI code detection, collusion and plagiarism

AI code detection

Code Checker uses a unique and robust model, developed by computer scientists from the University of London, for detecting the use of AI in generating code. It detects if code was copied so that you know exactly how your code was created.

With the sophistication of AI for generating code expanding, knowing what’s in your code and where it comes from is increasingly important. This will become even more of an issue with future advances in AI such as Chat GPT 5.

Academic compliance for educational institutions

Use Code Checker to check for collusion amongst students. Check up to 500 code coursework submissions against each other.

Detect plagiarism by identifying code copied from publicly available sources and AI-generated code, even if it has been manipulated by the student.

Copyright and IP issues for companies

AI generated code is not copyrightable which risks IP protection for companies. If the models used to train AI to create code used your rivals code and AI is then used for your code, you could be exposed to IP infringement. There is a more direct threat with plagiarism, which Code Checker also checks for.

Code Checker visualises plagiarism and AI creation. It highlights potentially AI generated, plagiarised and paraphrased code, making it easy for you to identify it and quantify the issues contextually.

Detect AI code and plagiarism across multiple coding languages

All major coding languages supported including, CSS, C++, C, C#, JavaScript, Java Markdown, Python,, and PHP, Ruby, TypeScript

Code Checker is a market-leading AI-generated code & plagiarism detection tool

AI Aware has built it’s AI code detection systems using large scale machine learning to identify the differences between AI-generated and human written code for use by companies and educational institutions.

With Code Checker, educational establishments can check up to 500 student coding project submissions against each and compare student coding with external source to check for plagiarism.

Why Choose AI Aware?

We were founded with City University data scientists and have over 15 years of experience with AI. We are building complex and adaptive AI detection models to increase transparency and trust in Artificial Intelligence.

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