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Why use AI Aware’s Content Checker?

Content checker detects whether text has been generated by artificial intelligence or by a person

AI content detection

Content Checker allows you to detect Artificial intelligence (AI) generated text such as marketing copy, long form documents or essays. The product identifies generated content from AI models, including ChatGPT and Gemini (formerly known as Bard) as well as a wide range of other AI models.

By comparing human generated text with AI generated text, the Content Checker platform, statistically, has a high confidence rate in detecting AI-generated text. It also detects AI generated text that has been manipulated by people or with online tools. This text could have been plagiarised or adjusted. Content Checker works by comparing very large quantities of human and AI-generated content looking at identifying factors such as linguistic construction, creativity and logic.

Visualisation Tool

AI Aware’s visualisation tool shows the proportion of AI-generated content and whether it occurs in blocks or is dispersed. This allows you to contextualise the findings and understand the significance of AI-generated input.

Other systems give an overall percentage, which is difficult to understand. Content Checker grades the overall text in the context of AI or human generated content, showing its consistency with either. This means that highlighted text displays with a number of metrics showing where it is consistent with AI

Benefits of content checker for companies

If you work for a company, you can ensure compliance across your organisation. AI-generated text can be factually inaccurate and, because of the content used in training, can perpetuate biases.

For organisation’s unknowingly publishing content that is AI-generated, you can use Content Checker to discover text that needs fact checking. To avoid being scored low by search engines for inaccuracy, or non-originality, you need to ensure that what you are publishing is of high quality and not just AI-generated boiler plate.

Benefits of content checker for academic institutions

For academic institutions, Content Checker allows you to identify AI- generated content in essays.

Students will often use additional online tools to try to disguise the use of AI by ‘humanising’ content. In order to combat this our models detect these manipulations and flag such content.

Market leading AI-generated text detection

AI Aware has built it’s AI text detection systems using large scale machine learning to identify the differences between AI-generated and human created text.

We use various signals from human and AI content such as logic, linguistic structure and creativity to differentiate between the two.

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Why Choose AI Aware?

We were founded with City University data scientists and have over 15 years of experience with AI. We are building complex and adaptive AI detection models to increase transparency and trust in Artificial Intelligence.