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Why use AI Aware’s Website Checker?

Detect whether content on a website has been generated by artificial intelligence or by a person and check the threat level of AI content.

AI website content detection

AI Aware’s website checker identifies whether a website contains images and text that have been generated by AI and, if so, the level of AI involvement in website content generation.

The website detector can identify images made by a wide-range of AI generators including Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, DALLE-E, Adobe Firefly and Generative AI by Getty.

AI threat assessment

Website checker identifies the overall threat level of a website and indicates this to the user with easy to understand visualisations.

AI Aware chrome extension

Install the chrome extension to check websites in real-time as you are browsing.

Market leading AI-generated website detection

AI Aware has built it’s AI website detection systems using large scale machine learning to identify the differences between AI-generated and human created images and text on websites.

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Our other artificial intelligence detection products

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Why Choose AI Aware?

We were founded with City University data scientists and have over 15 years of experience with AI. We are building complex and adaptive AI detection models to increase transparency and trust in Artificial Intelligence.