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About AI Aware’s artificial intelligence detection

AI Aware’s proprietary algorithms detect artificial intelligence (AI) generated code, code plagiarism, code collusion, AI generated media (text, images, video and sound) as well as the threat level of AI content on websites.

Founded with City University Data Scientists

Over 15 years of experience with AI

Complex adaptive artificial intelligence detection models

Artificial intelligence detection products

ai aware code checker artifical intelligence detection tool

Code Checker

Artificial intelligence detection for code, check for collusion and plagiarism.

ai aware content checker artifical intelligence detection tool

AI Content Detector

Artificial intelligence detection for written essays, marketing copy, long form documents and other text.

ai aware website checker artifical intelligence detection tool

Website Checker

Artificial intelligence detectionfor content (such as images and text) and the threat level of that content on a website.

ai aware media checker artifical intelligence detection tool

Media Checker

Artificial intelligence detection for video, image, or sound such as deep fakes.

Why artificial intelligence detection matters for businesses

AI created content can be factually inaccurate, biased and/or misleading. If your company is using it unknowingly, you need to be aware of what needs fact checking in text.

AI-generated content is often Inaccurate. Given this, it is more likely to perform badly with search engines, as low quality or plagiarised content is down scored.

Due to training data, AI generated content such as text, images or sounds can be based on copyrightable content. This could expose your company to legal action to enforce copyright protection.

You can increase transparency and trust in your brand by highlighting when AI has or hasn’t been used.

AI generated material is not copyrightable. For corporations, the use of AI in projects such as coding, restricts the ability to protect IP.

ai aware neural network of artifical intelligence detection
artifical intelligence detection of code

Benefits of artificial intelligence detection for educational institutions

Most universities and schools have banned the use of AI in work submitted for assessment. Universities, schools and colleges can identify AI generated content with our products, even when manipulated with additional online tools.

AI Aware’s Code Checker product detects code generated by artificial intelligence, and discover collusion and plagiarism amongst coding students.

“Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for human intelligence; it is a tool to amplify human creativity and ingenuity.” 

Dr Fei-Fei Li, Director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

How artificial intelligence detection works

AI Aware has created unique and proprietary models for AI detection working with data scientists from the University of London. In order to train our models, we use very large datasets of AI and human generated content. Additionally we use neural nets and other data science techniques and add expertise in, for example, language construction, creativity, coding and logic. This allows us to identify patterns and characteristics unique to human creativity in comparison to generative and other AI techniques.

Our content detectors indicate the degree to which content was created by people or AI. Significantly, they also show whether content is AI generated and adjusted using various techniques and the threat level of that content. They do this by comparing uploaded content with our detection models. Results are shown in a highly visual format. This allows for contextual understanding of the likely degree of AI generation or manipulation. Our systems are adaptive. This means that they learn as AI changes and as new tools are created to try to mask the use of AI in generating content.

Proprietary AI models that adapt and learn

Market leading AI detector


Ensuring academic compliance

Increasing transparency and trust in AI

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